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That thing in your chest isn't beating

It's counting down


credits: mood by angeliknymph
layout by spire
banner image by ?
30 seconds to mars, alicia way, all time low, angels and demons, anime, arina tanemura, art, ashlee simpson, audrey kawasaki, avatars, avenged sevenfold, baileys, bandom, bandslash, black, black cards, blink 182, brencer, brendon urie, bullet for my valentine, bunny ears, cassadee pope, chuck palahniuk, clandestine industries, cobra starship, colin farrell, computer, creepypastas, crosswords, decaydance, desserts, deviantart, digimon, drawing, england, english, escape the fate, evanescence, fall out boy, fanart, fanfics, fast and furious, fight club, frank iero, fueled by ramen, gifs, gimp, god child, good charlotte, green day, greg simkins, greta salpeter, harry potter, hayley williams, hedgehogs, hey monday, hibiscus, hoobastank, horror, icons, inception, it, jack skellington, japan, jared leto, jensen ackles, jon walker, joncer, jondon, joseph gordon-levitt, kaori yuki, kuroshitsuji, laurell k. hamilton, linkin park, luke chueh, manga, mikey way, mindless self indulgence, music, my chemical romance, nickelback, night, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, ouran host club, panic at the disco, panic! at the disco, paramore, patrick stump, pete wentz, peterick, photoshop, purple, queen, rise against, rock, ryan ross, rycer, rydon, rywalk, sarcasm, sierra kusterbeck, slam dunk, slash, spain, spencer smith, steampunk, stephen king, sudoku, sum 41, sunsets, supernatural, synyster gates, the academy is..., the damned things, the hush sound, the like, the young veins, tim burton, twitter, usa, versaemerge, vicky-t, weird dreams