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That thing in your chest isn't beating
It's counting down

9th-Aug-2031 08:38 pm - Goodbye
I decided to leave this journal and start anew here (dunno when I'll start posting though).
I won't delete this account though, so the various links to icons and stuff won't be lost. I wasn't too satisfied with the icon-only turn this journal was taking and I made the mistake of signing for more fests I could handle (if the mods ever end here,I apologize again for my behavior!).
I'll finish the couple of fests and icon challenges left with this account and then I'll pack,moving to my new journal. I hope to see you there!
12th-Sep-2030 03:12 pm - Hi,I'm a sticky post
Rubbish present in this journal:
What else,where else:
11th-Mar-2012 03:47 pm - :)
17th-Aug-2011 02:21 pm - teddy_fest banner!
So much prettiness at this fest and the banner is gorgeous! I haven't had the time to read the fics yet, but I'm sure they're great :)  I really liked participating in teddy_fest , I even sent in 3 entries!  Reveals later ^-^

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

I know some spanish but i should revise it because it's been at least three years since I last studied it. And I also studied german but:
1) the teacher repeated the same program for two years
2) when she was substituted and we actually started doing some serious lessons,I left .__.  (it wasn't the reason tho)
30th-Jul-2011 12:46 pm - malfoy_icontest #168
Mod's choice again :D

My entries:

23rd-Jul-2011 09:46 pm - Momentum (Ron/Hermione)
Title: Momentum
Prompt: You'd better hurry up and put your robes on
Rating: overall PG13,I think,but be careful because there's Hermione in a bra xD
A/N: for Ron-x-Hermione Pick-a-prompt fest at deviantArt

MomentumCollapse )
15th-Jul-2011 07:00 pm - anime20in20 - round 18,Digimon
And there it goes my vow to stop my obsession with Digimon,or at least slow down...but when I saw this fandom was still free for claiming,I couldn't resist X3

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14th-Jul-2011 08:43 pm - malfoy_icontest #167
I won Mod's choice with the Lucius&Voldemort icon :D

These are my entries:
1st-Jul-2011 04:04 pm - Blocco dello scrittore: Part deux
Which movie sequel do you like better than the first, and why?

I prefer 2Fast 2Furious and X-Men 2,rather than the first movies (and they're also my favorites out of both the series). I don't exactly know the reason, probably because there were more cars and more Paul Walker in 2F2F; as for X-Men,it's been a while since I last watched it so I don't remember much (shame on me but also on the VHS player that broke long ago)
[note: for artist choice I picked some fanart I found on Google and the like,so credits go outta the window. If you happen to stumble upon my icons,recognize your art and want it credited or removed,no problem! Let me know.]

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23rd-Jun-2011 01:02 pm - malfoy_icontest #166

Wohoo,I got first place! But I honestly didn't think this specific icon would make it this far,there were far better icons imho :O

Anyway,here are my three entries:

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